It's great when people feel so good about your work that they give it glowing praise. Here are some nice things people have said about my engagements:


You made some damn good manuals, out of some really really difficult technical material. And you did it with confidence, without thrash, and meanwhile constantly improved the documentation infrastructure.
    -Ken Cook, Applications Architect, Kabira Technologies

Your user manuals are well conceived, well constructed, and very user friendly. They have materially contributed to the overall quality of the applications product, and will contribute in no small part to its successful implementation.
    -John Watson, IT Architect for APM Packaging

Your work has set a new high standard for our internal technical documentation.
    -Rosemary Coleman, QA Manager, Victorian TAB

I don't know how we found you, but thank heavens we did!
    -Anonymous project manager, KMart Corporate HQ, Australia

Your manual looks great. I hope your colleagues at the EPA appreciate what a credit to the authority the manual is.
    - Harry Freeman, US Environmental Protection Agency