Professional experience

Since the late 20th century, Andrew has been managing projects and creating software and documentation for a wide range of employers and clients.

A summary of each of these positions appears below, with more... links you can follow for additional detail about each position, and a link to the employer/client where applicable.

2009-present Rovi Corporation, San Francisco

Senior Technical Writer, Technical Publications

Created product documentation for developer and end-user audiences describing embedded software, APIs, and network services. Defined agile processes; developed documentation in collaboration with engineering teams; implemented XML-based documentation standards and tools; created internal web portal, templates, and procedures for new company-wide methodology.

1997-2002 and 2003-2009 Kabira Technologies, San Mateo

Senior Technical Writer, team leader

Created and led the technical publications department at Kabira, writing developer documentation for the company's range of enterprise infrastructure server software. Led a team of up to seven writers working on rapidly evolving products with very short delivery deadlines. Continuously evolved the documentation architecture with changing product emphasis. Implemented single-source documentation process for multiple delivery formats.

2002-2003 Allegis Corporation, San Francisco

Senior Technical Writer

Wrote installation, configuration and customization guides for the Allegis eBusiness Suite, a Web-based application for partner relationship management (PRM). Analyzed training requirements for internal Web Services develoment class. Guided development of standards for engineering API documentation. Recommended application changes to improve user experience.

1997 NEC Australia, Melbourne

Software Design Engineer

Developed embedded software for NEC's satellite telephones. Responsible for the maintenance software module and associated protocol handlers. Also created on-line design and protocol documentation using HTML.

1988-1997 Clarity Communications Co., Melbourne

Managing Editor; Managing Director

Founded and ran this small (3-5 staff) documentation consultancy for nine years before returning to the US.
Clients included:

1995-1996 AES Prodata, Melbourne

Software Architect; Team Leader, Software Architecture Group

Embedded Software, distributed system architecture
Led a team of six architects and technical support staff and brought the project to completion; Performed architectural analysis and design; Acted as technical liaison between development teams and senior management, and between AES Prodata and other companies in the project consortium.

1988-1996 Victorian TAB, Melbourne

Senior Software Engineer; Systems Analyst; Documentation Consultant

Worked on all aspects of software development lifecycle
Worked on various projects over an eight-year period.
Created requirements specifications, in liaison with user and union representatives. Designed and wrote a range of software including: Created test plans and specifications. Reverse-engineered legacy third-party software. Produced technical and user documentation. Mentored less senior developers.

1986-1988 Synergia S.p.A., Milan

Technical Writer

Programmer and administrator documentation, primarily for Olivetti, on topics including: Also produced an interactive multimedia prototype to demo CD ROM capabilities. Developed editorial processes and styleguide.

1985-1986 Axon Informatica, Madrid

Sales & support software engineer

Configured systems, developed databases and utilities, trained users, translated documentation, and wrote advertising copy.

1983-1984 The Software Machine, Sunnyvale

Software Engineer, sound and music development

Designed and wrote a variety of sound utilities for the Macintosh, Apple II, and IBM PC, including sound editors and drivers. Produced sounds for games and designed a sound synthesis card.

1981-1983 Atari Inc., Sunnyvale

Software Engineer and Sound Designer

The first consumer videogame sound designer! Developed tools, drivers, and sound libraries. Wrote interactive sound and music editors, analog-to-digital sampling utilities, and audio processing utilities. Composed sounds and music for dozens of Atari video games.